Leveling glides serve as efficient floor protection for furniture as well as equipment. These glides feature base or pad materials that make it easy for users to slide the supported items across the floor. Also, leveling glides help add stability and maximize surface contact to level uneven items and keep them from leaving skid marks on flooring. Using furniture glides, you can effectively keep both your flooring and furniture safe from damage.

Manufacturing & Design Inc. (MDI) supplies distributors and OEMs with quality furniture and industrial leveling glides and other plastic or metal hardware and components. Learn more about the types of leveling glides available, considerations to make when choosing your glides, and how the team at MDI can help.

What Are the Types of Leveling Glides?

There are two main types of leveling glides offering support for various furniture or pieces of equipment:

  • Fixed stud. These leveling glides include a threaded stud for leveling and attachment. Attach the stud, and you can use a jam nut to lock it in place.
  • Swivel. These stud-type or tapped glides feature a bearing surface or another method for the glide’s base to swivel off-axis as much as 15° for optimal stability on uneven surfaces.

What to Look for When Purchasing Leveling Glides From MDI

Infographic Leveling Glides

We at MDI pride ourselves on our high-quality products to support a variety of furniture and equipment applications. When looking for the right chair glides or leveling glides, there are a couple of key considerations.


The levelers you choose need to be sufficiently durable. Otherwise, they won’t function the way they should and they may break apart when under excessively heavy pressure, which could present an injury risk. Whether you use leveling glides as chair leg caps or stabilizers for more heavy-duty furniture, the durability of the glides must suit the application.


Most furniture isn’t standardized, instead featuring a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types. Based on the furniture or equipment with which you want to use the leveling glides, you’ll need to select the right materials for optimal customization. For example, metal is the best choice for heavier loads, or you might want a lightweight plastic base for supporting lighter furniture and reducing costs. You will also want to consider whether you need furniture glides for carpet or furniture glides for hardwood floors. Generally, various types of furniture and flooring will benefit from different types of glide materials, and basing your decision on your application will help us customize the right selection to provide proper support.

Why Choose MDI?

MDI manufactures and distributes a wide selection of furniture and industrial leveling glides, casters, adjustment knobs, adaptors, tube connectors, and custom metal or plastic mechanical components and hardware. We offer customization capabilities to our clients, and we also stock many standard components to best serve you. In addition to the furniture industry, we work with customers in the industrial, healthcare, beauty supply, display, and tech sectors throughout North America and Mexico.

Since our founding over 32 years ago, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building long-term relationships with both vendors and customers to supply top-quality products. MDI has capabilities for custom injection and polyurethane molded parts for greater application versatility, and we and our vendors work with a broad spectrum of plastic and metal materials to facilitate customization.

We aim to be your direct, turnkey source for superior products. MDI will work closely with your team to understand your specific needs and manufacture a custom solution tailored to your application. Request information today about our extensive product offerings and customization capabilities, or contact us to discuss your project.